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5 star rating

Super Helpful Course

Deborah Hatch

The course is very clear and user friendly. I could listen to each section, pause the video as I needed to, and make changes within my Active Campaign as we...

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The course is very clear and user friendly. I could listen to each section, pause the video as I needed to, and make changes within my Active Campaign as we went along. I've had the program for some time but have not been utilizing it properly. I'm excited about the things I've been able to integrate already and can't wait to see how this helps grow my business.

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5 star rating

Very Clear and Straight forward

Muriel Kitching

The text is clear and neatly set out. Very easy to understand

The text is clear and neatly set out. Very easy to understand

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5 star rating

Great introduction

Phil Hardy

Excellent introduction to getting started quickly!

Excellent introduction to getting started quickly!

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Course Curriculum

We offer a few FREE lessons for you to get an idea of what you will learn during this course. They are marked below as "Free Previews", and are available for you to view at any time.

  • 1

    Section 1 - Welcome & Introduction

  • 2

    Section 2 - Account Registration

    • Account registration

  • 3

    Section 3 - Settings

    • Account settings

    • Addresses

    • Users & Groups

    • Developer settings

    • Tracking settings

  • 4

    Section 4 - Overview & Contacts

    • Dashboard & overview

    • Contacts

  • 6

    Section 6 - Forms

  • 7

    Section 7 - Design Of An Email Template

    • Email templates

    • Email designer & elements

    • Email settings & summary

  • 8

    Section 8 - Campaigns

    • Types of campaigns

    • Creating a campaign

  • 9

    Section 9 - Automations

    • What is an automation? (Automation vs Campaign)

    • Creating an automation

    • Automation triggers

    • Automation actions

    • Creating an email in an automation

    • Creating a notification email in an automation

    • Wait action in an automation

    • If/Else action in an automation

    • Split action in an automation

    • Go To action in an automation

    • Start or End automation action

    • Subscribing and Unsubscribing in an automation

    • Updating a contact in an automation

    • Adding or removing tags in an automation

    • Adding a note in an automation

    • Building a basic automation

  • 10

    BONUS Section 10 - Integrations

  • 11

    BONUS Section 11 - Tips & Tricks

  • 12

    BONUS Section 12 - Template Automations & Ideas

    • Automation recipes - How to use this section

    • Template 1 - Basic welcome automation

    • Template 2 - Team notification automation

    • Template 3 - 5 Day drip series

    • Template 4 - Personalised follow-up from a custom form

    • Template 5 - Contact last engagement date

    • Template 6 - Birthday & anniversary automation

    • Template 7 - Lead magnet delivery automation

    • Template 8 - Adding a contact to a Google sheet

  • 13

    BONUS Section 13 - CRM Aspects

  • 14

    Next Steps & Feedback...

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    • Book your FREE 1-hour session

Bonus Material

  • Strategy

    Learn how to use email campaigns, automations, lead generation and follow-up campaigns as part of your sales funnels.

  • Templates

    Get downloadable automation templates that you can start using in your own campaigns within minutes. You get step-by-step instructions on how we built them for you and how to use it.

  • Build Lists

    Get tips & tricks on how to effectively build your lists, expand your following, and give your audience value through your email campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I learn how to create effective email campaigns?

    Yes, that is one of the main aims of this course. During this course, you will learn how to build and design campaigns, automations and customer lists.

  • Will I learn a system?

    There are a lot of email campaign systems and platforms available but we prefer to use ActiveCampaign. Although this course makes use of ActiveCampaign, the principles you learn can be applied to any system or software.

  • Can I use emails as part of my funnel?

    Yes. Email automation and follow-up are probably one of the most important components of any funnel. You will learn how to integrate email signup forms, lists and automations with your funnel pages and website.

  • Must I create an account with ActiveCampaign?

    To learn these principles and to follow along in the course, yes. The 14-day free trial should give one enough time to complete this course. If you do not wish to use the system long term, you can cancel your subscription after the 14-day free trial has expired.

  • Will I learn how to build an automation?

    Yes. Not only will you learn how to build automations, but you will also get step-by-step instructions on 8 automations. These 8 automations are also available as templates for you to copy and use in your own system.

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This course is ideal if you want to learn how to use ActiveCampaign as a tool to effectively implement email marketing strategies into your business.

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Stephan Kruger

Passionate about helping others, it is his life's mission to educate and empower business owners to take their businesses (or part thereof) online. Through a combination of online courses, online groups & communities, and private coaching sessions, Stephan gives his clients the opportunity to gain access to his knowledge and experience in order to fast-track their online marketing efforts.